Fabrication of steel structure


Fabrication has the following process:

  1. Cutting
  2. Assembly
  3. Welding

Fabrication is the process in which the drawing is made into reality by cutting, grinding, assembling, welding of parts into a product.


1. Cutting:

We cut plates and sections using state of art CNC Machines. The plates for H profile are cut in plasma cutting and the connections are cut in CNC plate processing machine which cut and drill the hole required for connections. We use the NC files from the 3D model as input to machines to cut the steel which reduces the possibility of Human Error.

2. Assembly:

  1. Assembly is done in two parts
  2. H Beam assembly and welding

The parts required to produce H beam are assembled and welded in H beam auto welder line.In this machine, the web and flanges are assembled and then welded by using the submerged arc welding process. The produced material is offered for inspection before proceeding to the next stage.Final assembly with connections is assembled to the H beam to complete exch individual items as per drawing. The final assembled part is offered for inspection prior are offered for inspection before welding.

3. Welding:

Assembled parts are welded as per the requirement mentioned in the drawing using qualified welders and approved welding procedures. Final welded parts are offered for inspection before painting and site delivery.

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